Winning the Lottery

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That’s an attention-getting headline and I chose it on purpose because life is a lottery and there are many times when  we all win in the lottery of life.

I won a lottery when my breast cancer was diagnosed 18 years ago and has never returned.  My husband won the lottery when he got up one morning and his face was the color of his gray shirt – a week later he was back at work, in cardiac rehab and doing great.

I won the lottery in life when I gave up an addiction to nicotine for good because I extended my life by years over those who choose to remain chained to the nicotine monkey.

Our combined lottery win happened 2 weeks ago when we got a phone call that a check had been prepared for us and we needed to come pick it up.

I am writing to tell you that a check in hand is a lottery of life win that will make your life better.  Can money buy happiness, yes.  In our case it certainly has but better than that if bought us peace of mind.

I believe that good things happen when it is your turn so to speak.  It won’t happen when your heart is filled with anger though.  In our case we were not sitting back waiting for the gloom and doom of this country’s woes to destroy our lives.  We had 3 plans for our future in place and we were ready to kick one of the 3 plans in gear when it was our turn.  We had moved past anger and into the world of moving on, our hearts were over being filled with anger and grief.

In every instance in our own lives together we both have felt hopeless but only for a short period of time, because we also learned that living with a positive attitude has brought us amazing possibilities.

Lesson learned for us, don’t give up (ever) and kick that anger in the ass and get it out of your heart.  Have a plan or 3 and while you are kicking the anger out, kick anything and everything or everyone out that holds you back.

Work at this every day because it is truly amazing how once you do the winning begins.  It hasn’t stopped for us either……the wheel of fortune keeps spinning and we keep landing on the right spaces.

Yesterday we had a big win!  Larry’s family, all of them, is coming to our house for Thanksgiving.  Nice!



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