#Winners Take the High Road

You take the high road ...

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You take the high road, and I will take the low road, and I’ll be to Scotland before you……the way I see it the reason the high road takes longer is because idiots in life throw gauntlets at you.  You have to stop to dodge them with the grace and fortitude that comes with maturity.

The people on the low road knock down anything in their way whether by word, action or deed.

How dastardly.

This week I was attending a seminar in another part of the state, and a friend sent me a blog post by someone young and dumb who believes I am a threat to her existence.  I am hardly a threat to anyone, there is room for all of us in this world.  Small-minded people constantly believe someone is out to get them.  They create their own Gulliver. I won’t shrink in size to fit into their small world.

The high road has it’s advantages, you can see forever.  The low road is foggy, not much sunlight travels to the pathways, and it is dank (I love that word it conjures up icky places.)

If you choose to cast stones while speeding along the low road, remember all roads come with speed bumps.  This is why you are not the #winner.

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