What If YOU Only had 2 Months Left to Live?

Obviously this is not something we get up and think about the minute our feet hit the floor.  Most of us rarely consider this but the truth of the matter is that there are people living right now who think about this every day because they only have 2 months left to live.

Is it better knowing or is it better not knowing?  My thoughts on that is I would want to know.  I look at it as a gift of time to use wisely with family and friends.  The gift of time to prepare is something I would want.  But, and there is always a “but” then you always have a “date” in mind and every 24 hours you draw closer to that date.  It is a very difficult answer to give.

When I first went to work in nursing I remember one of the interns saying “If I were diagnosed with terminal cancer I would want one round of chemo and then I would live my life to its fullest as long as I could.” 

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I attended a special cancer event that the hospital had put together.  It was a walk and involved an overnight.  One particular woman was in a wheel chair being pushed along the way by a friend.  I had a chance to talk to her at a rest stop.  I knew she was unfortunately losing her battle.  I asked her why she was participating and she told me “I am living my dying.”  Her words are always in the forefront of my memory.

I still stick with my answer, I would want to know and like this woman I would live my dying.  There are things I need to say to people and keeling over with a heart attack would rob me of that chance. 

What if YOU only had 2 months left to live?  What would you do with that time?

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