What I Know for Sure – Oprah Looks Terrible, Kim K has a Big Booty, Sandra Bullock Should Pack Heat

Even the morning news shows dip into the celebrity gossip stories, and what I know for sure is they do this because it  boosts ratings.  Take The Today Show, the only show that had the balls to interview Kitty Kelley about her new “tell all” book about Oprah Winfrey.  I love The Today Show, and I still to this day boycott Good Morning America and Bill Weir when he made a totally inappropriate and offensive remark about mothers with challenged kids having high-powered careers.

Oprah is a Diva and a tired looking Diva at that these days.  Her alleged sexuality is front cover of the rags in the check out lines almost every week, just like the magazines in the same spot carry a new Brangelina/Aniston rumor.  Why does this go on?  Simply because people buy them craving to know the “truth” and practically willing to sell their own child to afford the magazines.  I know that is harsh but Larry and I found ourselves at Disney Studios on the same Sunday of the ABC Soap Opera fandango several years ago.  Rosie O’Donnell was going to introduce the Diva of daytime television, Ms Susan Lucci, so Larry and I thought what the heck, we will stick around for that.

We stood in this crowd of people and while waiting attempted conversation with those standing closest to us.  It is safe, and sad, to say that not one of these people would be invited to our house for a dinner party.  All they could think and talk about was the story line of the soap operas they watch.  I listened to one woman who actually spoke like these people are real and the storylines actually come from their real lives.  Larry was talking to a man who had the same feelings about several nighttime programs.  These people live vicariously through these television dramas. 

These are the same people who want to see Oprah looking terrible and overweight.  They want to see Kim Kardashian’s comments about being of Armenian descent which gives her a big ass.  They hope and pray Sandra Bullock will pack heat and use it to redeem her pride.

These same people vote in elections.  Uh huh they do, and rightfully so but how many of them put an “X” next to the name just because it reminds them of one of their favorite TV actors?  Speaking of voting and elections – did I really see that Nick Jonas wants to be President of the USA some day?  Pretty soon my guess is that national elections will be on TV as a reality show called “American Idol Put Me in Office”  and there will be a panel of judges giving their opinions and we can all call an “800” number and call in our votes.  Nick Jonas will be elected for sure when it comes to that.

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