What I Know For Sure – May 11, 2011

Florida 2008

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As spring leaves Florida and more humid weather approaches I am flooded by childhood memories of coming here from the Midwest.  The first thing that triggers my wonderful memories is the smell in the air.  When the humidity arrives it carries with it this wonderful smell of salt air.  What I know for sure then is I am living in daily gratefulness where my husband and I dreamed of living.  What I know for sure is dreams can come true.

What I also know for sure is that in making decisions in life, your decisions have an impact on other people.  What I know for sure about that is I can’t heal their wounds, I can’t kiss the boo-boo and make it better, I have tried.  What I know for sure is that continuing to wear a hair shirt gets scratchy and zaps energy.

What I know for sure as I approach a week off and sail away to tropical islands is that I earned this, I deserve this, and I will enjoy this with no feelings of guilt that I am able to take this trip.  That’s the easy part, I won it.  No guilt there.

What I know for sure 2 days before I enter the vacation-zone is that life as I know it can end without warning – and that ugly words and deeds should always be amended and repaired with those you love.

Yesterday a husband, father of two, a hard-working 66 year old man was hit and killed by a young woman driving drunk, what I know for sure is this can happen to any of us without warning.  What I know for sure is nothing is forever.



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