What I Know for Sure About the Oil Spill

I stayed away from this subject for too long and I decided I can’t stay away.  It is injuring our way of life here in the Gulf states – it is a crisis of the worst proportions.  It is a serial killer because it is going to destroy innumerable living things. It’s the OIL SPILL.

What blows me away is the gaul B/P and the US Government have had to actually dismiss the severity of this spill when it first began.  The front-page of the NY Times last month described GIANT PLUMES OF OIL lurking beneath the Gulf of Mexico, a threat unlike anything ocean experts had ever seen.

B/P and our own US Government did not buy it. 

Then the University of Florida entered into the disbelief and once armed with high-tech monitoring equipment were struck by the fact that the clumps on the surface did not add up to the estimated amounts hemorrhaging from the ocean floor.

Samples have been taken from many different areas, nothing conclusive has really been proven except that there are clouds of oil in the gulf. One such cloud measures 22 miles wide, is 6 miles long and 30 yards deep.

The scientists at USF are 90% sure that these oil clouds (more than one) are from the spill.

Next comes Ian MacDonald, a Florida State University oceanographer who has studied natural oil seeps in the gulf for decades.  He decided to do his own math which produced more than 200,000 gallons a day – the “official” estimate.  He fired off emails telling colleagues his estimates were 5X that- 1,000,000 gallons a day.

The problem is it is probably twice that. Yes you are reading that right 2.1 million gallons a day.

MacDonald’s original job was to determine if deep water drilling is safe.  He thought it was.  He now knows it is not.  MacDonald is the man responsible for the video of the plume that has gone viral.

On the national TV news we all heard about the “sheen” of oil on the water nearing Louisiana.  When MacDonald went there the oil was nearly an inch thick and the fumes made him dizzy.

For those of you who think the national TV news is about free-speech, it is not.  They lie to us based upon the advice of whom?  I think maybe the answer is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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