What I know For Sure 03/09/10 Need More Juvaderm

Plain and simply put I could use more Juvaderm.  I was interviewed for a segment on Facebook hacking here in the Tampa Bay area by ABC television. My marionette lines, as they are kindly called, did not look kind at all.

Nope-I need to sell a couple houses and get a touch-up for sure.  Actually I read an article recently on using your own body fat to fill in lines and wrinkles.  I am more interested in that because it is mine to begin with, not a product manufactured in a lab.  It also lasts a lot longer.  I read it can last up to 2 years.  Less needles, less discomfort I like that.

I had Juvaderm last August in my cheek bones.  I never had cheek bones.  I never photographed “right”.  I always looked flat – there was no dimension to my face.  It is still there.  I was told it might last up to a year because of where the product was placed.  If I would have chosen my marionette lines I would have been back for more by now.  Talking, laughing, smiling, eating – doing anything that moves the tissue in that area is going to make the product break down more quickly.

I had plastic surgery at age 50.  I had been traveling for years through the Atlanta airport.  Everytime I got on that damn underground train my reflection showed these bags under my eyes.  I did not like that baggage at all.  When I had the chance to live in Costa Rica I would see women out and about with sutures, butterfly bandages, and yes bruising and I knew these women had undergone plastic surgery.

I did my research.  I chose a surgeon who had trained in NYC.  I decided to have upper and lower blepharoplasties done.  The entire cost hospital, anesthesia and all was $1200 at a time when having it done in the states was $5000-$7500.  My surgeon is amazing.  I was out and about in 3 days with one minor bruise and hardly any swelling. 

I still have no undereye baggage.  My upper lids have fallen again but that’s ok, at my age now they are supposed to look like that. 

I am thrilled we have all these new non-surgical or minimally invasive tweaks available to us.

Unfortunately we all “buy into” those ads for the best creams, the wrinkle lessening serums, the cheaper alternatives when in reality we all know that we would get better, faster results with a dermal filler or your own body fat.

It is my personal opinion that I want to look the best I can look for as long as I can.  I also respect those who don’t mind the aging process and believe in letting wrinkles happen.

Choice – I love having a choice and I respect other’s choices.  Let me leave you all with one strong opinion though.  SPF sunscreen should be on your skin every day, reapplied during the day no matter where you live.  Nothing ages us faster than the sun.  Stay out of the tanning booths also, why would anyone microwave their body to begin with?  Suntanning can kill – visit a melanoma site on line and you might think twice about “laying out”.

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