What I Know for Sure 03/05/10

What I know for sure right now is that backstabbing people wear dresses more than they wear 3 piece suits. I know that even the longest of friendships can turn ugly. I know that there are some very strange women in this world, and some very mean ones at that. I learned all this firsthand and I also know the following sentence is 100% true.

A fraudulent intent, however carefully concealed at the outset, will generally, in the end, betray itself.

Oh yeah – I know this for a fact.

How about this one:

It’s never your enemies that get you, it’s always your own people.

Or this one:

Trust takes years to build and only seconds to shatter.

I don’t have a clue who wrote these quotes, I found them on a google site about people who break your trust.

I thought I had removed most of the idiots from my life, but I obviously missed 2 for sure.  What is even worse is that one has been a “friend” for a lot of years, and the other I had erased from my life, but obviously not soon enough.

I put my experience with these two idiots “out there” and was surprised by what other women had to say.  The women said “no one can be meaner than another woman.”  My son shook his head in disbelief because he knows one of the little schemers.  My husband who knows them both quite well said ” I am furious with those two assholes.”  Yes, he called them that.  He is blunt when it comes to those he thinks are idiots.

I have psychic feelings.  I see dead people too, but that’s a different blog.  I had a feeling one Saturday that someone was doing something to me.  I could not quite put my finger on it, but I knew something was going on.

People are really dumb at times, they do things and then they do not erase or delete what they did and when I followed up on my feelings – I uncovered things that just made me say “Oh my!”  Actually I said something much worse, but I don’t drop the “F” bomb on my blog site – yet.

In the meantime we are waiting for the right moment.  It will happen. We are letting everyone stew for a while, and when we feel the pot has been stewing long enough, we will turn off the flame, and we will hand them their collective heads on a platter.

My advice is this – if you get a gut feeling about someone in your life, follow it.  It is better to know who the hell is effing with you behind your back and dust them out of your life than to allow them to continue to stab your back.

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