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Update on the contest…..ding ding ding ding attention please. Thanks to those who voted 2-3 times, once on FB and 1-2-3-100 times on the website. They will delete the extra votes but thanks!

Your hearts were in the right place.  It is also rather obvious when two people with the same name vote within 30 seconds of each other. Kind of a red flag LOL.

To those of you who voted for all 5 stories your votes don’t count at all, you negated all of them, Dr Phil has a famous question, I think it goes like this “What were you thinking?”  I know I know you liked all of them but you did not vote at all.  That’s ok though you voted.

To those of you who have not even tried to vote I will be hunting you down – voting ends Wednesday at midnight.  We have time to pull this off.  I wish I could take everyone with me, but I cannot.

In lieu of this I am asking that you vote only one time and the easiest way to vote is to skip the Facebook directions and go to the website – heck yeah.  It is easier, and let’s say you want to remain anonymous with your vote – you can do it there.  You can vote the All-American way in privacy.

I found the easy button way to vote.

Go to this link:

Discussion Forum Amoena

Every story that is a finalist is there.  To see the stories, click on each contestant – the names are in bold type.

For example; Vote for Carole S Brooksville Fl

At the top of the contestant story page is a “CREATE ANSWER” hyperlink.  Click there and up pops a voting ballot.

You can remain anonymous but you need to enter a valid email.

In the “context box” put one word ( I do not know why it’s there but you cannot vote unless you put one polite word in the area)


Now here is where it gets dicey.  Votes don’t show up right away – don’t vote twice.  It will show up.  If everything “disappeared” you voted. OKAY?

I admit this was not an easy contest to figure out, many of my friends gave up.  Many tried too hard but what the heck, Amoena will figure it out.

Thanks for the entertainment along the way and if you have not voted for goodness sakes go vote.

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