Thumb’s Up Thumb’s Down-8/26/09

Today the country is in mourning for Senator Edward Kennedy who was probably the best senator of our generations.  However he also did things that possibly because of his name allowed him to “be forgiven” and hang onto his Senate seat despite the fact that his carousing and drinking caused a young woman to die.  I can’t help but wonder who will interview the Kopechne family first-maybe Entertainment Tonight??

Money talks and bullshit walks – isn’t that how the saying goes?  While he may have been the greatest senator of our generations he also got away with things as many people do who have deep pockets.

My thumb is down-sorry Mary Jo deserved better.

Here in Tampa unfortunately we are mourning someone else.  One week ago tonight we lost a very decent good man, Corporal Mike Roberts, 38 year old officer of the Tampa Police Department.

Mike was shot and killed after he confronted a man pushing a shopping cart. 

 Here is an actual report and it will shock you I am sure:

Cpl. Mike Roberts, 38, was shot once Wednesday night after confronting and struggling with a man who was seen pushing a shopping cart full of items along the street in a high-crime area of the city, Tampa police said. Roberts was wearing body armor, but the slug went through his right arm and into a part of his chest unprotected by the vest.

The suspected shooter, Humberto Delgado Jr., 34, was tracked by a police dog and arrested a short time later. Hogue said Delgado was a police officer in the U.S. Virgin Islands from 1996 to 2000.

Hogue said Delgado was armed with three handguns and an assault rifle. He said Delgado pulled the rifle from a canvas bag in the shopping cart and pointed it at another officer who came to Roberts’ aid.

“The truth is, as tragic as this situation is, we’re probably lucky there were not additional police officers shot and hurt last night,” Hogue said at a Thursday news conference.

Receipts in Delgado’s wallet indicate he bought the guns at a pawn shop at Fort Bragg, N.C., in 2008, Hogue said.

Are you feeling the pain after reading that like we are here in Tampa?  A former police officer with three handguns AND an assault rifle bought at a pawn shop?  WTF?????

I am not against owning a gun I am against how easy it is for people to obtain one.  The shooter has been talked about in depth-others said he was emotionally disturbed – you think???

I also back the death penalty – that will make me popular I am sure – but in this case the sooner the better.

Cpl. Roberts left a beautiful wife, Cindy, and a darling little boy, Adam, 3 years old behind.  We all know that police work is highly dangerous.  We all know when they walk out the door there is a chance that they won’t walk  back in the door.  I give a huge thumb’s up to those who choose “To Serve and Protect” and to all their families because without a doubt they are underpaid and over-blamed in their choice of careers.

4000 mourners poured into St. Timothy’s church yesterday.  Roberts was a Canadian/American and lived in Newfoundland for years.  He was a member of the National Guard and a canine officer.  He had the “honor” of being bitten more times than any other canine officer.

There are so many “causes” in this country that we as citizens take up and try to change.  Over my lifetime I have seen the changes our society has made in respect for those whom we need to make sure our laws are upheld.  It appears to me at times that many people have a total lack of respect for our police personnel.  That entire stupid Cambridge incident is clearly an example of a disrespect for the law.

I know that if I was asked to prove identity in my own home I would be happy to do that.  Misunderstandings happen but the police have the power to ask me to prove who I am-who any of us are.  If you don’t like it go live somewhere else and see if you like that better.

Our laws are there because we elected the people who passed them-if you disagree fight to get the laws changed.  We are allowed to do that here in the land of the free-it is our right.

As I leave this post I will ask one more thing-google Corporal Mike Roberts-especially the story in the St. Pete Times and read for yourself what a terrible loss this was to many of us.

And remember it was a dog who tracked down the shooter-a dog from Cpl Mike Robert’s canine unit – a huge thumb’s up to the canine unit!

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