Thumb’s Up Thumb’s Down 3/9/09

Thumb’s down to Jason Mesnick – I am having so much fun with this jerk.  He is like a sitting duck – can he possibly be that naive?  Today on The Bonnie Hunt Show he came out swinging on his “Apology Tour” as it has been called.  He admitted he was wrong to diss Melissa on national TV-you think?   He said it was not obligatory in his contract that he do this on national TV.  He said it was stupid and his own bad judgement.  You think?

Thumb’s up to Bonnie Hunt.  She is the only talk show host I have seen interview this silly couple and actually scold them.  She did it in a very nice way.  She scolded them for being caught up in the make believe world of Hollywood.  She scolded them for being naive and allowing themselves basically to be played.  She scolded Mesnick for always saying he is a single parent.  He is not-Ty has a mother.  She told him he needs to stop calling himself that citing that many viewers are upset about his wording.  I finally heard Mesnick admit that he did not set a nice example for his son.  No, Jason you did not.  Your son will be known as the son of the SOB!

I love Bonnie Hunt.  And I love her even more now because she waited till the show was almost over before revealing what she knew.  Melissa keeps talking about how the tape date for the “After the Rose” show was moved up suddenly.

Pay close attention and you will connect the dots too.  Show moved up, he dumps Melissa on stage on TV he sucks face with Molly right after that.  The dot you are missing spilled out of Bonnie’s mouth this morning.  Molly was actually going to be the next Bachelorette.  Jason found out-are your dots connecting now?   You should have seen the look on his face when she busted Mesnick.  It was priceless.  She also pulled no punches about his intimacy with other girls on the show.  You might say he is on the barbeque spit for sure now.

Personally Mesnick you could do most of us a big favor – disappear!

I promise that is my last posting on this stupidity.

Moving on – thumb’s up to NASA we are going to have a launch this week and there is nothing more spectacular than a night time launch.  We always stand in our drive way with a glass of champagne as we watch the streak of bright light pass over head.  We usually get to witness the separation of rockets too.  It is truly an amazing thing so here is hoping Mother Nature cooperates.

Thumb’s down to Acer – the computer company.  I blasted them this morning on how my wonderful Aspire 1 has become a nightmare and how bad their technical department is.  I twitter daily on my displeasure.  I am hoping eventually someone will see it – I am one very unhappy customer.

Thumb’s up to my community in this time of economic down trends for stepping up to the plate at this past Saturday’s Fine Lines Fashion Show benefiting Hernando/Pasco Hospice Association.  We made more money then we thought we would and we had a very good time. 

A huge thumb’s up to Siegfried and Rooy for their wonderful special this past Friday night.  As hard as it was to see Rooy now, and as sad as it was to know this was their last performance together, I believed him when he explained that they both truly believe that Montecourt, the white tiger was trying to take him off stage.  They believe Rooy had a stroke and the animal realized he was ill.  Rooy has a special way of communicating with animals, you could see it on the special.  Also let’ s remember they raised $12 million dollars that night.

I do not have a crystal ball, I cannot predict when this country will be “normal” again.  Maybe unfortunately this is the new normal.  Maybe greed and avarice had a breaking point. 

My thumb stays neutral on what is happening in DC and what is happening with the media opinion on what is happening in DC.  I stopped watching the news – I find the reporting to be sickeningly sweet and I think most of us are too intelligent to fall for their pollyannaism.

And that’s a wrap till next time.

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