Thumb’s Up Thumb’s Down 3/5/09

I understand that news is news, and that reporters have a job to do.  I also read and hear that many newspapers are in bankruptcy protection leaving us all to wonder, are the days of getting our news in print over our morning coffee fading away?

Small businesses need newspaper coverage.  The charity event I am hostessing and emceeing this weekend is an example of that.  I have been writing press releases for this event for months now with my last one due on Sunday with coverage of this event.  If our newspapers stopped publishing here in the Tampa Bay area it would hurt a lot of people smack dab in the pocketbook.

All of this leads me to think is it really “that” necessary to  get cameras in the faces of any family going through despair over their missing family members in the Gulf of Mexico?  Of course we are all concerned about this very sad occurrence.  It is very sad but these reporters deserve a thumb’s down.  Families need privacy especially at this time.

I am still trying to wrap my head around that chimpanzee story and the woman who was attacked.   I give another thumb’s down to anyone who purchases a wild animal and keeps it in their home.  I had enough trouble trying to understand the women who buy those realistic dolls and treat them as real live babies.  Now we have people with chimps calling them “our children” and I have to ask why is it lawful to sell wild animals to the general public.  Thumb’s down to everyone who has allowed this “trade” to continue to the point of putting the general public in harm’s way.

Today Cleveland Clinic is saying that the victim of the attack may have brain damage.  She has lost her face and cannot use her arms.  She is being kept in a medical coma.  Why is this allowed?

About 8 miles from where we live there are two wild animal rescues for big cats.  Big cats as in lions, tigers, cougars, leopards and more.  One rescue is open to the public by appointment, the other is not.

I went one day and prepared food for the cats.  It is a monumental job.  It is not throwing hunks of meat into an enclosure.  Food is weighed, supplements are added, and it work.  The diets of these animals are supervised by veterinarians from zoos all over the US.  The enclosures for these animals have to meet certain standards. 

Every now and then a nearby neighbor might complain and ask about their own personal safety should a tornado or hurricane rip the fencing out of the ground.  As much as I enjoy watching the beauty and grace of large cats, I would not want to come face to face with one in my own back yard.  I understand their concern.

I asked where these animals come from, and it was no surprise to hear that they were given up by people who thought it was so cool to own a Siberian Tiger.  Also some of these animals were confiscated from people who housed them in dark basements. 

How sad – how very sad.  The rescue that allows people to visit neuters the animals they keep.  The rescue that is private does not, so the cats roar- a lot.  When they are in heat it is even worse.

I give a thumb’s up to those people who dedicate their lives and their money to supporting these amazing animals and a huge thumb’s down to those who purchase them as pets.

This is a week of wanting to smack stupid people so hard they get smart for sure.  I am ready to gag over all the coverage of Nadya Suleman- Octuplet Dork.  Do not get me wrong, I am thrilled that all 8 babies seem to be doing well BUT as Judge Judie put it to the media “Stop giving this woman coverage – stop glamorizing her”.  Now that everything is “coming out” concerning her living conditions, her relationship with her parents, and her other children, one of whom was smacking her in the head in an interview, all I can say is someone should be smacking her in the head.  Furthermore now we have the 911 call that one of her 6 at home was missing.  Thumb’s down to all this already.

Enough already – my brain is starting to hurt from all this nonsense.

More nonsense – what is with millions of viewers tuning into a TV show to watch a man or a woman pick a mate?  What is the reason people watch this season after season when the only successful mating happened only once.  Do these people actually believe that this is the way to meet your soul mate?  Are their that many women out there who live their loveless lives through a TV show?   I don’t get it.  I also think Mesnick is creepy looking as well as creepy acting.  There is something that comes across when you listen to him that reeks of sour milk.  Thumb’s down to ABC and this stupid show.

WOW – that was a pocketful of thumb’s down this writing.  I need to dig deep and see if I can flip this into one positive opinion before signing off.

I heard from a lot of people living in the midwest that they are going to have 50 degree weather this weekend so let’s give a big thumb’s up to winter starting to move away and spring peeking in and giving people a lift.  The grass is greening up here in Florida, the Azaleas are in bloom and the Blue Birds have returned to their nesting box.

That’s a wrap for this time.

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