Thumb’s Up, Thumb’s Down 2/16/09

Whew what a week it was playing with our 4 year old grand daughter. I have to give another big thumb’s up to parents who know how to raise a nice well-mannered child.  Sarah is about as close to perfect as a kid can be.  She rarely needs a “talking to” or be told “no”.  For all the fuss and muss raising our own children was, grand children are the reward for the aggravation that is for sure.

DId anyone see the article about stuff falling from the sky into Texas?  Imagine that, allegedly satellite parts are falling from the sky.  Maybe this was programmed to happen by a Democrat since President Bush has returned to Texas, better get your hard hat on President Bush.  Just kidding people-but it is something now, isn’t it?  I can think of a couple places I would like to have hit though and they are not in Texas, oops that’s a thumb’s down I am sure but felt good to write it.

Thumb’s down to whomever stole Lance Armstrong’s bike in Sacramento, California.  Now that’s certainly not a nice thing to do to Lance although I am sure he has many more bikes in his possession.  We all know that Lance can be a little full of himself, so maybe someone had bike rage and took it.

You gotta hand it to the Brits, at least they finally reported the collision between one of their fully loaded nuclear submarines with a French nuclear submarine earlier this month.  Excuse me??  Fully loaded nuclear subs collide and we are just now hearing about it.  Thumb’s up to the Brits for admitting it, here is an excerpt from the story:

“This is a nuclear nightmare of the highest order,” said Kate Hudson, chair of Britain’s Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. “The collision of two submarines, both with nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons onboard, could have released vast amounts of radiation and scattered scores of nuclear warheads across the seabed.”

This IS a big deal when you think of how big the ocean is – how could you now know the other sub was there?  Years ago when 3 Mile Island had it’s “problems” we were told that if it leaked the entire state of Pennsylvania would have been uninhabitable (and more).  The ocean touches every shore (eventually) my goodness there must have been a lot of people who needed to change their underwear over this one.

Is anyone eating peanut products these days?  That man and his company of course are a thumb’s down scenario, but this is more than a waggling of the thumbs.  Who do you trust these days?  What is up with the FDA these days?  How did this ever happen?   I can understand how it happens in third world countries, but here?    I got this from the Mayo Clinic web site:

If you have intestinal salmonella and you have a healthy immune system, you may not seem ill or show signs or symptoms. However, you may continue to shed the bacteria in your feces and remain contagious for up to a year.

A year????  I had salmonella food poisoning 5 years ago from mussels.  I have not been able to even look at a mussel since.  It happened Easter weekend in south Florida.  I got through the GI disturbances within two days, but I was ill for two weeks with an on and off fever, muscle aches and pains, and generalized malaise.  It really cramps your style (sorry had to put that in there) and I don’t ever want it again.

It is a strange world at work that is for sure.  I will leave you with FX news – they are showing a TV show in which the 9/11 disaster is shown as an inside job.  I guess there are people who always want to stir the pot in situations like did JFK really die in Dallas?  Did the CIA kill him?  Did the CIA kill Marilyn Monroe?  Is Elvis living in Michigan?  I hope not, I do not think he is into cold weather and snow.  I heard from my BFFL that they may get 10 inches in Detroit on Wednesday.  Thank goodness for Florida and thumb’s down to Mother Nature this year dumping all this snow!

And that’s a wrap till next time.

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