Thumb’s Up Thumb’s Down 2/09/09

I decided to write my blog as an email because I know not everyone has the time to go to my blog site and read my latest.  We also have family in town this week and I will be rushing around with all that.
Thumb’s up to the weather becoming pleasantly warm and sunny.  Last week was brutal (again) on the plants here.  I saw a devastating sight when I went to give my garage door opener to my dog sitter.  A beautiful house on the corner of her street has probably lost thousands of dollars of palm trees.  We have a touchy situation going on here with the double trunked Robellini palm which gives us privacy in our bath room.  It did not do well at all, we had it covered but many of the fronds are brown.  I called the extension service of U of Florida and they told me to leave it till June.  If nothing new is sprouting out of the top, it is gone.  Replacement value?  Well into the $500 range.  Thumb’s down to the nursery centers who sell plants and palms out of their zone.  They should only carry the ones that can survive a cold snap.
Thumb’s up to the man I just met at Petco with the beautiful Standard Poodle names Maui.  Maui is 14 years old and can attribute his longevity to the fact that when he started to lie around in pain, his owner had both of his hips replaced.  Maui now runs and plays.  Thumb’s up to owners who understand there are things you should do when you are a pet owner.  Don’t get a pet if you cannot take care of them in their need.
Thumb’s down to Michael Phelps, A-Rod and all the hundred some others for putting themselves in a bad light in the news.  I do not care how young someone is – there are cameras everywhere, and you never know where your picture is going to end up.  I am happy Kellogg’s dropped Phelps.  Putting his face on the cereal box is like telling kids it is okay to use marijuana.
Speaking of marijuana it has been discovered that adolescent men who smoke are at an increased risk of a very aggressive form of testicular cancer.  One joint a week is all it takes-now let’s see marijuana or testicles?   Sounds like a balls to the wall decision here- a real no brainer.  It would scare the heck out of me if I were a younger man smoking it.  Thumb’s up to the news media for getting the story out there. 
A-Rod and the hundreds of other players who showed up in a report for using steroids – double thumb’s down and more.  I think when this stuff comes out it should be the end of a career.  I know that sounds harsh but once again it is sending a message to kids that drugs are okay. 
Thumb’s down to Chris Brown who obviously needs some anger management classes.  What the heck was he thinking?  Did he really punch Rihanna in the face?  Girl get away from him ASAP.
Thumb’s up to Tampa for having a relatively good Gasparilla weekend.  It is our biggest event (short of the Super Bowl) and is when the pirates raid the city and take the key away from the mayor.  The costumes and make up are amazingly real.  This year the pirate ships had to change course because of a school of Manatees being in the bay.  We have to protect our Manatees. 
Thumb’s up to our grandson, Daniel, in his red baseball shoes, the team won and he looks so cool.  Thumb’s up to our granddaughter, Morgan for getting the MVP in her basketball tournament, she defensively stole 4 plays and was the highest scorer!  Way to go to both of you!
That about closes out the ups and downs for now.
Till next time-that’s a wrap!
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