The House of Cards in Life

Ace of hearts.
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At any given moment anything can happen to bring our lives crashing down around us like the proverbial house of cards.  Change is perpetually in the air.  You can hope and pray that all the values you passed on to others don’t get so scrambled that these people come out wearing horns but you can’t stop it.  You can poke your head in the sand and hope for the best, or you can ride it out kicking and screaming.  Unfortunately change, like sh*t, happens.

Change is a word so many people are trained to ask about.  Police, doctors, social workers, nurses, teachers, pastors, and anyone else who works in a profession that deals with people are trained to ask about it.  The most popular question asked is “When did you begin to notice the change in him/her?”

When we are wrapped up in wondering why change has happened to someone, we are too personally involved to think about when the change began to happen.  I had conversations today that opened the door to the question for me.  I sat and discussed things with my husband as well as several good friends who are educated in working with the psyche of people.

Once I realized when the change started to happen in my situation I looked at the circumstances that were occurring at that time and now I know.  Knowledge is power so for now I will hope that if any more cards collapse that the Ace of Hearts is the card I end up with because for me it is always about what lies in the hearts of those I care about most.

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