Surviving Unhappy Holidays

It’s a simple, but painful fact of life, that unhappy holidays happen.

It’s a simple fact of life that many holidays are “Hallmark Holidays”.

It’s a simple fact that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day of the year because no one works harder than a mom.

Getting through these days when you have lost your mom, or when you are estranged from your children is not simple.  These are also things you think about every day.

Yesterday a friend called me just devastated by the way her son is treating her.  I know and understand her emotional pain.  I know and understand the heartache many of my friends feel today, their mothers are no longer here.

I think it’s important to remind everyone that one day you will hear that news too – be kind, be loving, forgive, and remember nothing is forever and your mom had you butt covered from the day you were born.


Roses for Mom


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