Surviving Those Who Just Don’t Do the Right Thing

Surviving those who just don’t do the right thing takes patience because your first urge is to smack someone, or to yell at them, or tell the world about them but you can survive the urge to do all these things because once you cool down,  you will do the right thing.

Don’t be a victim.  This is key to getting past the all those urges and actually have peace so let’s talk about getting to that place of peace.

First of all we cannot expect people to act the way we would act.  I recently had a client that no matter how hard I tried to please, it did not work.  I offered a refund of 50% of the monthly fees and we both agreed that it was a fair amount to refund.  Last week I got two referrals from this client.  I did the right thing.  Lesson here:  when you do right by a client more business will come to you.

There are always going to be situations in our lives where we feel we should be compensated fairly and in reality both sides of any disagreement should be discussed and an agreement should be reached.  When this doesn’t happen you may have been left with a very bad taste in your mouth.  Resolving issues in an agreeable manner is always the best way to go.

Giving good customer service is vital these days.  You see complaints all the time.  Social media makes it very easy to launch a complaint war and if this happens to you guess what happens?  You won’t win.  PR companies know this, that is why they call it crisis management.

Karma may be a bitch but an elephant sitting on your chest could be worse.

Karma may be a bitch but an elephant sitting on your chest could be worse.

If you don’t do the right thing an elephant has now entered the room.  It will sit on your chest and make it very difficult for you to breathe.  You will always be looking for that next shoe to drop, that next complaint to happen, that next person who gives you that look.  You know that look – it says they have heard that you did not do the right thing.

This world is very small.  Ugly doesn’t take long to make the rounds.  Most big corporations understand this and they make ugly go away.  Smaller business owners need to pay attention.  Give bad service, word gets out.  Treat someone poorly, word gets out.  Don’t do the right thing, word gets out.

Remember that game, telephone?  You would say something and it would get repeated to many other’s ears and what came out at the end was not what you first said, right?  Well same thing happens when the word gets out.  The story does get distorted and it can get ugly.

Do the right thing up front.  Otherwise karma will visit you in the form of an elephant, sit on your chest and you won’t be breathing well at all.  It is simply the right thing to do – got it?  Do the right thing.  Oh and if you are guilty of not doing the right thing, fix it as soon as you can before the elephant leaves you a big smelly pile of ugly.

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