Surviving the Words (Again) You Have a Mass in Your Breast

Yesterday was my annual mammogram day.  As I approached the machine, the technologist asked me if I had noticed any changes.  I

mam machine

mam machine (Photo credit: MBK (Marjie))

pointed to a spot on my right breast that I had discovered the day before while innocently checking for sore spots from a motor vehicle accident I had been in this past week.   If my breast were a clock it was at the 12:00 position.  She put a marker on it and told me that I would need an Ultrasound to check it out.  Been down that road before, and I really thought nothing of it.

During the Ultrasound, the technician told me at one point I had to lie perfectly still and not talk because she needed to see the vascularity of a certain area.  That was my first “alarm”.  Then she told me she was going to go share the films with the radiologist and that the radiologist might want to re-run the Ultrasound.  That was my second “alarm”.

The Radiologist came into the room and in “doctor/tech speak” which even the keenest ears cannot hear, they turned to me and I heard them loud and clear. The words I heard were “I want to set up an appointment for you to have a needle biopsy because you have a small mass in your breast near your scar from your previous surgery.” WOW.  BAM.  Just like that – “Holy Needle Biopsy Batman”.

I have been there before since my original diagnosis.  I had a needle biopsy and an excisional biopsy on my left breast in the past, but this mass is residing in my former irradiated breast and that has me concerned.

The fortunate side of having all my annual testing done at our big cancer center in Florida is that all women get their results that day.  No one goes home to wait on the busy radiologists to read mammograms and ultrasounds.  This particular Radiologist explained to me when she compared this years films to last years she could see this same small spot and while it had not really grown, it had changed.  Now it had some strange borders but more concerning to her was the fact that it had vascularity – a blood supply.

Shit.  I made the appointment to come back this coming Monday, and the tech explained to me what would happen on Monday.  It’s not comfortable.  I need a local anesthesia, followed by an small incision, 3-5 samples, and then a clip will be placed to mark the area “just in case” and I will have a mammogram to map the clip and go home.  Go home to wait, 3-5 days of waiting and I have been there before too.

You want to know what the really strange thing is about this whole experience?  The mass is actually at the 1:00 position.  How did I know (again)?  I gratefully accept the fact that I am highly intuitive in life and thankfully when my body speaks, I listen.


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  • Deborah Boza-Valledor says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

  • Alice Pirola says:

    Carole, You are tough…you are a survivor…you are loved…you will get through this! I am praying for you my friend ….please take some time to relax from all you do, take care of yourself ….with a fierce (((Hug))) ~~ Alice

  • Koryn says:

    No No No and shot NO again! I HATE cancer! I hate the fear and worry and endless tests that go with it too! I sure hope you get some answers soon and that the answer is NOT cancer. Our thoughts as survivors ALWAYS goes there and that is natural. The looming question still sits in the back of my brain too since having a biopsy in May that yielded NO result as “the tissue sample did not survive processing”. I go back for my mammo and ultrasound one month from tomorrow and believe me, I feel your fear! This, on top of everything else you have been subjected to is just WRONG! You have my prayers on Monday. The procedure is nothing compared to the agony of the pathology wait. Sending you hugs Carole!!

  • Cyndee Haydon says:

    Carole thank you for sharing your story and insights – you are helping other women like me and I thank you for your courage and strength. I will be praying for you my friend

  • Caroline says:

    Cancer – the gift that keeps on giving!! I hope it went well.

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