Surviving The Today Show with Ann Curry

There is no surviving it, time to move back to Good Morning America.  I left there a long time ago when Bill Weir insulted all women with challenged children by saying that Sarah Palin had no business being vice-president with a challenged child or something close to that.  This is not a post about how any of us feel about Sarah, the statement he made attacked working moms with challenged kids

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter Egg roll. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This morning Ann Curry jumped into the middle of a Q & A regarding Justin Bieber and the scuffle with the paparazzi.  I did not recognize the male opinion giver in this interview with Star Jones but he started to say that Bieber had recently taken up with Mike Tyson.  He is taking boxing lessons and trying to change his image because his image has been…………and that is when Ann Curry bristled and came in with a “How Dare You Say Anything Bad About Justin Bieber” statement.

I understood what he was saying and what he meant.  Baby-faced Bieber looks like a little kid, Ann.  He has an image problem and he is trying to change that.  He doesn’t need Ann Curry to be his mother.

I don’t need to watch Ann Curry anymore.  I will miss everyone else but she has never had the pizazz of Katie or Meredith and it’s just not working for me (and others from what I read) any longer.  Here it comes Ann – too many times you look just plain dumb.

As for Justin Bieber, well maybe he will eventually look like a grown up he is attempting to act like one.


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