Surviving The New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Yes you heard it here first I will be ready for surviving the new year’s resolution to lose weight.  Damn those resolutions, full speed ahead.  Why the new yrsheck do we make them?  Do we make them to break them?  I don’t think so but why don’t we just do what we need to do when the spirit moves us rather than wait for the new year?

I need to lose weight.  I absolutely need to lose weight.  I have known that for quite a while.  Menopause wasn’t kind to me, throw in T-2 diabetes, and some bad decisions and I have officially achieved chubby cheeks and they are not on my face.

I resolved to lose weight.

OK so January 1 came (and went) and we boarded a jet plane for Las Vegas.  Now you tell me if you would start counting what ever needs to be counted on a trip to Las Vegas?  I think not.

First stop after checking in to the hotel, B&B Ristorante in the Venetian.  Look out everyone here comes my review of this delicious meal.  It was over-the-t0p delicious.  We were offered a chickpea bruschetta from the chef which went well with my glass of Prosecco.  We ordered a soft mozzarella cheese appetizer also served on bread, and we both had pasta dishes, wine, and Tiramisu.

We walked back to our hotel.  Does that count?  It was 2.4 miles.

We were bad the entire trip.  We ate so much wonderful food, and we drank wine with meals and other wonderful drinks.

The restaurants in Las Vegas are amazing.  It’s a foodie paradise.

At D.Vino in the Monte Carlo I had the best Linguine with White Clam Sauce I ever tasted.

The dinner we had at Red Square in Mandalay Bay before seeing Michael Jackson One  was fabulous.  Beef Stroganoff served over Wild Mushroom Pasta.  Yikes.  OK there was homemade ice cream too.

We walked to the Mandalay Bay – another 2.5 miles, does that count?

We also had wonderful appetizers like Hot Rocks (filet you sear on the 800 degree rock), Kobe Beef Flatbreads, Roast Beef Sliders, and then on our very last day there we walked to The Wynn – and we ate at their newer American tapas restaurant Le Cave.  I started with Ceviche’, Larry ordered Mushroom Grits – oh no!!!!  Those damn grits were so good.  I had Artichoke flatbread – I can still smell it.  No dessert and we did walk round trip 6 miles, does that count?

There were more wonderful food experiences but I find as I write this blog post I am getting hungry so I need to post this and trick my stomach into believing I am not because I want to be able to write a post in 6 months about my success in surviving the new years resolution to lose weight.


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