Surviving Super Bowl Withdrawal

All that hype…….all those football games.  All those nail biting last 2 minutes over the season.




First question I have is why would anyone pay that much for ad space and then leak the ad ahead of time?  I don’t get that at all.  I think we saw most of the ads before the night of the game.


Then all the hype about Beyonce and would she lip sing.  Would Destiny’s Child reunite for real and not just the game.


Did you know that absenteeism at work is highest the Monday after the Super Bowl?  I heard that somewhere, I believe it.


Did anyone else hear Flacco drop the F-bomb?  Will CBS be fined?  Other shows are so I am just curious.


My favorite ads were of course the Clydesdale, Taco Bell, Dodge Ram, and all the rest of the car ads.  The Calvin Klein ad made men queasy and uncomfortable – tough shit guys it is about time the tables were turned.


Thankfully I won’t go through withdrawals.  I am “one of those” that just sit back and enjoy.  I read magazines through most of the game action, and hell will freeze over before my hometown is in the game so I won’t even talk about that team.  (Hint -they have nothing on their helmets).


2012 Cleveland Browns Schedule Wallpaper

2012 Cleveland Browns Schedule Wallpaper (Photo credit: Hawk Eyes)

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