Surviving After Sharing an Unpopular Opinion

Surviving after sharing an unpopular opinion is something we have all been through.  Heavens with all the fake news, real news, bullshit, and more going around out there it is easy to share an unpopular opinion and potentially piss people off.

Several years ago I got into hot water when I saw a trailer about a news story that was about to break on the local news.  It was about someone many local people know and I just posted an alert on the topic on social media.  I suggested people watch the 6:00 news.

That went over big with the the man named in the story as well as his wife, a one-time acquaintance of mine.  Memo to self: when you are going to share an opinion (not gossip remember opinions are not gossip) be ready for payback.

Did I care that I was blacklisted by some people for giving an alert?  Hell to the no.  You see I stand behind the facts of this story, and while the story is still in the form of an “alleged” situation, there was enough evidence to make an arrest and there is a long trial coming this Spring.

If I directed my readers here to the story I am pretty sure most people would be as appalled and disgusted as I was and as I still am.

When you share an unpopular opinion you do run the risk of upsetting friends loyal to the opposite side.  I took a long look at the list of people who would think horrible thoughts about me and probably stick voodoo pins in a likeness of me, and quite frankly I did not give a damn.

We all have rights to having opinions, and if we decide to share our opinions then we know we could upset some people, build resentment, or even have someone wait for their opportunity for horrors of all horrors – payback.

Payback came in the form of a mutual friend who got caught in the middle and was deluged with 100’s of reasons to walk away from our friendship because I was a terrible person who spreads vicious gossip.  Now remember sharing an opinion is not sharing gossip.  There is a big difference.  Said mutual friend was lied to, played, and used as sometimes people are who like to hang out with the in crowd.  Even bad PR is still PR you know and there are people who like to hang around with the bad guys in life.

I just started a new website community called and I clearly state that it will be a place where controversial topics will happen.  I am not going to hide my opinions or the opinions of others.  If I feel an opinion needs to be shared I will share it.

Am I sorry I shared an unpopular opinion – no.  Am I sorry a former friend was used and played in part of the revenge game – no.  Would I do it again – yes.  My opinion is/was only unpopular because people just can’t/won’t wrap their heads around the fact that this person allegedly did what he was on the news for and eventually arrested for and now it will be up to a jury to decide.

If you don’t want opinions shared about things you do, then you shouldn’t do things that give people something to share.

Now the $64,000.00 question is should I go down to the courthouse and listen or should I just turn on the 6:00 news?  I am too busy, I will watch the news.



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