Surviving Modeling in a Lingerie Fashion Show

Ring! Ring! My cell phone rang – actually it doesn’t ring per se, my ringtone is a play on my business The Social Butterfly Media Marketing and my ringtone is “Come Fly With Me”.

I answer and it is my friend, Beverly Vote, Publisher of Breast Cancer Wellness magazine.  Bev wants to know if I would be interested in being a “Face of Anita” and participate in a video being filmed on a beach near Ft. Lauderdale that would be shown at the Essential Women Tradeshow in Orlando.  My brain always knows to answer yes and be concerned about things later like changes in my work schedule, how I will look on the beach, Valentine Day away from my adoring husband, little things like that until later.

Now my phone really starts to ring as I get phone calls from Bold Worldwide in NYC, the ad agency behind the video.  Emails fly and before I know it I am on the road to a new adventure in thriving with another breast cancer thriver, Gail Duscha, whom I met on last years 5th Annual Breast Cancer Thriver’s cruise.  I won that cruise and boy have I been a winner ever since.

We spent 3 hours on Hollywood Beach, onlookers interrupted and asked what we were filming, stopping production for beach cleaning equipment, stopping it again for airplane noise, dodging sea gulls, playing in the water, getting wet to my waistline, and writing in the sand.

I wasn’t sure when we finished how we were going to look.  I wasn’t sure of anything other than we had a ball!

3 weeks later – Ring! Ring! (Cue “Come Fly With Me” in your head) and I answer the phone.

I hear  the voice of Anita Unique Body Wear, Andrea Barbera, Director of Marketing Development on the other end.  Andrea asks me if I would drive over to Orlando, Fl in 3 days to actually be in the fashion show theywere sponsoring where the video would be premiered.  Again I just say “YES!”  The Essential Women show is for owners of mastectomy boutiques nationwide.

Thankfully I did not have to change my schedule around this time, but I  had a sinus infection and it was just starting so I was concerned about that.  Emails and more phone calls came from Bold Worldwide and I drove to Orlando that Saturday morning with a lot of medicine and a box of Aloe infused tissues.

When I got there I was in a sea of professional models, lingerie, swimsuits, specialty bras, and thinking “me, in a swimsuit on the runway?”  However when we were doing run throughs the video was cued up and I got to see it for the first time.  There we were, Gail and I, breast friends on the beach, and we looked terrific.  We sounded even better.  I cried.

What made this experience even better was that when the fashion show was to begin, the video played and then I was the first model down the runway.  When I stepped out the attendees realized it was me, the redhead from the video.  I hit the end of the runway and the middle pause points, and slowly turned dropping my bathing suit jacket off one shoulder to show my pink ribbon/survivor tattoo as Bold Worldwide suggested I do.

My next trip down the runway I wore a beautiful rose colored bra, gaucho pants and the jacket again and this time I was told to wave and have a lot of fun so I actually danced down that runway punching the air in victory and this time when I hit the end and middle spots of the runway I stopped and I flashed this beautiful bra to the audience.

Anita Unique Body Wear is one of the sponsors of the 6th Annual Breast Cancer Thriver’s Cruise, and I will be there in one more fashion show that will give other thrivers on board Carnival Cruise Lines the knowledge that there are beautiful and sexy articles of clothing we can wear post-surgery to make us feel and look whole again.

We ARE beautiful.  We ARE special.  We ARE THRIVERS!!!!!  And this is our video.



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