Surviving Meeting Your Main Squeeze

If you are a woman with a history of breast cancer in your family, if you are a woman who is celebrating your 40th birthday, if you are a woman who is proactive about your health care then I have breaking news for you.  YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE IS NOT TALL AND HANDSOME.

Your main squeeze is a machine in an imaging center where every year you make a date to be squeezed quickly and with very little discomfort these days.  This date is the most romantic date you can make because loving yourself means taking care of you!   That second squeeze in your life wants to be able to hold you close for many years.

Have you had a date with your main squeeze this year?  This is the one date we, we women, pick up the phone and do the asking and coming from me, the 19 year Thriver, it may be the most important date you ever have.  As my Facebook Timeline cover picture says “Early Detection Was My Only Protection ~ Have You Had Your Main Squeeze?”

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