Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve

Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow sang about it, another year of auld lang syne…

I am not being maudlin (isn’t that a cool word?) because actually the definition says that often tearful sadness is accompanied by booze.

I am drinking coffee.

It is just another night for me.  It was usually just another night for us.  We stayed up now and then but not that often.  I did find pictures from several different years that we went out and partied with friends, but most of the time we were sleeping when the ball drops.

I do have plans to drink a Chocolate Martini for dessert tonight with whipped cream – yes, I will do something decadent this evening and even allow Willie to have some whipped cream too.  Oh, the excitement is contagious, right?

To be completely honest I am relieved to rid my life of 2019.  I am truly looking forward to 2020 because I like even numbered years.  I was born in one.  I met Larry in one, we married in another.  We sold our house in Indiana in one and moved to Florida.

Bring on 2020.

To celebrate starting new I cleaned out my pantry and my kitchen cabinets of anything outdated, anything I will never use again, and I made room for new things that will come into my life as I expand my cooking horizons.  I get the itch now and then, and I know I will return to making new recipes.  I have saved quite a few and it is time to review them to see if they still ring my chimes in stimulate my appetite.

I admit I had cocoa from 2010.

Yesterday I spent time on a video call with friends who have started recording shows for a new podcast they will launch in 2020.  We have been communicating back and forth and several great books had been recommended to me that I have devoured, digested and am ready to spit out into my life, my purpose.

I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday honing into the work I really want to do in 2020.  Long story short, I made a list of all the projects I wanted to do and with the help of one of the best books I have ever read on the topic of getting your ideas from start to finish I was able to take 20 projects down to 5 and the 15 that left the list are not coming back.  I said goodbye to them.  I am not sad about it, I am relieved.

One such project was finding more clients.  If they come on their own that is awesome but I am not actively going to look for them.  Another one I let go of was the thought of having a new podcast.  I don’t want one.  I realized that yesterday.  Big relief.

What did end up on my list of course is writing.  Writing all 3 books I have running around in my head, yes to writing as often as I can.  This is the #1 project on my list.

The second one is #ThriveLive it is still a big important project in my life because this week I had people I do not know tell me they watch, and that I inspire them.

A big number 3 is travel and it is a big project because I want to expand my horizons.  I want to meet new people.  I crave new adventures.  I think I have found where I will spend Christmas day too.

Helping others

is the 4th item and that isn’t hard to do.  I do it by writing.  I do it on Facebook Live, and I do it by being a guest on a podcast.

Speaking of being a guest on a podcast, that is my 5th project combined with being a guest on a TV show.  Go big or go home and I am going big.  In 2020 I will guest on many podcasts as well as I will be on TV.  Yesterday when I wrote my morning thoughts I wrote “I have fans!”  I do, and I am going to have more.

BAM I am off to a good start.  5 doable projects that will keep me busy.

I will see you all here next month, next year, and in the next decade.

Happy 2020!


I welcome 2020 with joy.


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