Surviving ~ How I Went from Hope to Faith to Thrive

Those three words are not even in alphabetical order.  I recently blogged for another blog on how I feel about the word hope so I am not going to go on and on about those feelings, I just know that I am a believer.  I feel that the word hope implies there can be some doubt.  I refuse to doubt.  I believe.  I am one of those “Ask, Believe, Receive” people.  I should have been in the book The Secret.  Rhonda should have interviewed me because I know what happens when you ask, when you believe (have faith) and when you receive (thrive).

I won this award in 2012 that I did not know I was even nominated for, I was the winner of 1 of 23 best breast cancer blogs and I found out from Twitter.  This is truly the proof we all need that phones are not used for calling people any more.  Furthermore I did not get personally notified, another winner Tweeted me and let me know.  Doesn’t that make you wonder how much people who still refuse to be in this online world get their information?

I know there are people who even with the help of a stick of dynamite would not move off of the word hope and skip over to the word faith.  Gee I hope I will pass the test or Gee I have faith I am going to pass the test.  Which one sounds better?

When you wake up one morning realizing you have landed on the rock of faith it doesn’t take long to leap over into a life of thriving.  I can’t say I don’t get doubtful now and then, I just don’t live in doubt.  I remind myself that having faith, having a belief negates doubt and yes, hope.

Now I am about to start a new journey.  This one will take me into the world of healing the spirit.  Conventional treatments for breast cancer do NOT treat or heal the spirit.  My spirit is healed.  I got to the healing place in my life and this is the year that I know many of you will get there too.

I will be back – I won’t stay away so long this time.  I was on a spiritual retreat of sorts.


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