Surviving an Over-Flowing Heart Filled with Love

Dammit references to love, lovers, hearts, flowers, chocolates, diamonds and more are everywhere right now.

We didn’t make a fuss on Valentine’s Day.  We loved each other every day and made sure that we both were very aware of that.  Our hearts were always full.

My heart was full watching Larry take care of the dogs.  He loved holding them, and they loved sitting on his lap.

My heart was full when we would make dinner together and he would smear some sauce on my cheeks and then kiss it off.

My heart was full when I saw him standing at every pit stop along the way in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk here in Tampa.

My heart was full when he would tape my feet with duck tape and change out my sox and shoes along the way to help me prevent blisters as I walked 60 miles for breast cancer awareness.

My heart was full when I crossed the finish line and he was standing there with a dozen beautiful pink roses.

My heart was full when I would walk out of the biopsy suite after having one more biopsy (again) and he would stand to hug me.

My heart was full in the grocery store where we would choose our favorite foods to create spectacular meals and he was always willing to go with me.

My heart was full when I saw our rental car approaching in Angers, France after he went missing for 45 minutes because he spoke no French and he was lost after dropping me off.

My heart was full when I walked into the Cardio/Thoracic ICU after his bypass surgery because he was in the OR so long.

My heart was always full, and it remains full to this day.  In fact, it is overflowing with love for a really great guy.

My dear readers, we are not promised tomorrow, please keep your hearts full of love for those you love, tell them, hold them, and do this as much and as often as you can.

Some say it was Tennyson, I could find no reference to that.

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