Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life

Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life


Yes, you will find yourself surviving firing crazy people from your life; in fact you will actually wonder what took you so long to say “You Are Fired.”


The other day a meme appeared on my Facebook wall and I am kicking myself for not keeping it, but basically it read “your life is a business, you have the right to fire people”.  I know, I know, it isn’t that easy to do but I can tell you from personal experience it feels amazing after you do it.


I started firing people from my life about a year ago.  I started with people who are users.  Then I moved on to people who are takers.  Family members went too and while they are not totally fired, they are laid off.


I am too darn nice.  I had a discussion about this today with a friend and she totally gets me.  She knows people and personalities so well and told me that I like to help people in need, and eventually that can wear one down.


Then there are the deceivers in life.  It takes more than telling them they are fired to get them out.  You need a cross, garlic and maybe a silver bullet.  Deceivers do not like it when you see through them, when you uncover their shit, when you throw water on them and they don’t melt because then they know that you know that they are living a lie.  Sometimes calling them out will get you fired but what the hell that is what you wanted.

I spoke the truth and it pissed people off, so I fired them too.





















We all have people we have fired, need to fire, will fire in our lives.  I promise you that while it is tough, and there can be some drama, it will also be filled with relief, huge relief especially if they move ½ way across the country and you never have to see them again, but that’s another story for another day.


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