Surviving Family Secrets – I Have Questions

Surviving family secrets – I have questions.  We all have family secrets so I hope to get some answers.  I was asked this myself recently by someone who was holding onto a really deep dark secret – sometimes I wonder if the writers of the TV show “Dallas” have seep dark secrets.  All kidding aside, I would appreciate some honest answers.

Surviving Family Secrets

  • Can a family survive if a family secret stays secret?
  • Can what is left of a family survive if the  family secret comes out?
  • Do you have a family secret?
  • Have you considered telling it?
  • Did you tell it?
  • What happened?
  • Did it help to reveal it?
  • Do you prefer to walk around being the one to blame so you keep it quiet?
  • Is it too late and you wish you had revealed it?
  • Did someone else reveal it?
  • Are you sorry it all came out?
  • Or were you just tired of only one side of the family secret being told and felt it was time for the whole enchilada to be out?

I know I have more questions but I think these questions are a good beginning.  If you don’t want to answer here “in public” you can send me an email to and I promise I will not be naming names – I am just asking to understand how a family secret has impacted your life.




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