Surviving Bad Corporate Decisions – Hello GM

I remember like yesterday, because it was only several days ago, when a young woman posted that GM made a good decision taking

English: Logo of General Motors Corporation. S...

English: Logo of General Motors Corporation. Source: 2007_business_choice_bro_en.pdf (on GM website). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

their ads off Facebook and a bad decision on pulling away from the Super Bowl advertising.

Ah, youth – it is so easy for them to forget that where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

Today breaking news hit from another blog site about what GM really did and what really happened.

This is how their article opened:

Social Media Agency Heads Say GM Likely Bought Cheap Traffic to Juice Fan Count Rather Than Targeting Fans Most Likely to Buy Vehicles

By Chris McLaughlin, CEO of Maximize Social Media & Mike McLaughlin, President of Maximize Social Media LLC

If this is true shame on GM – just when the news was getting better out of Detroit too.


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