Surviving Another Birthday

Gratitude for all my wonderful loving friends.

Gratitude for all my wonderful loving friends.

Surviving another birthday, whew!  I did it.  20% of all my Facebook friends sent special wishes.  5 girlfriends called from all over the country.  One is coming to visit from S. Dakota this winter.  My son sent me a spectacular present and he doesn’t know this yet, but I am bringing him here for a long weekend for some mother/son love time.  It gets better.  My wonderful friend who lives in Israel is calling me today for some chick talk time.

This doesn’t include the special treatment I got from my husband, the love of my life either.

It was a wonderful day, filled with love, a lot of love, and it came at me from all directions including places that surprised me.

I had been considering a Facebook clean up recently mostly due to person who projects her misery on others.  Then I removed only her and everyone else shines brightly now.  Funny how that works.

The gift of friendship is one I treasure.  I took the time to write down on a list all the names of people I could count on if I needed them.  I had no idea the list would be that long.  Then those on social media with me got a message of gratitude and thanks (and not a copy and paste either).  I took the time to send personalized messages.  Those not on social media got a message in the mail inside a card.

It was so worth the time it took me to do this.

Try it.  You will be so surprised at the responses you get.  We live in a “chop-chop” hurry up world of emails and texts and rarely a phone call.  Sit still for a moment and imagine a friend opening mail and finding a note about how much they are appreciated.  Wouldn’t you like to receive one?


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