Stop Thinking, Start Acting, and You Could be Rich!

the law of attraction
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Who hasn’t heard people preach about The Law of Attraction?  I can define The Law of Attraction in a simple manner.  Smile at the next 5 people you see and count how many smile back.    It is really difficult to resist smiling back at a happy person because most of us yearn to be happy people ourselves.

Do I believe in “The Secret” per se and the promises that the book is based upon?  Not completely – I do not believe if I stare at a lottery ticket every day for 10 minutes and see myself watching the winning numbers as they are revealed that I can win the lottery any sooner than if I don’t think about it at all.  I do not believe it works that way.

What I do believe in is that like attracts like so if you are an honest-to-goodness happy person you will attract other happy people.  A happy person is a magnetizing.  People are drawn to happy people.  Let’s go 180 degrees around the circle of life and think about the miserable person.  As the saying goes – misery loves company.  Unhappy people seek out other unhappy people. Then they dump their miseries on each other.  They tend to seek their own level in life like water seeks it’s own level more than people who exude happiness.

We are all experts at knowing this because we have all been happy and we have all been miserable.  Happy is better, wouldn’t you agree?

I think Rhonda Byrne had one of those million dollar ideas we all get 4 times a year.  She acted on it.  God  bless her.  Let me repeat what I just said – we all have 4 ideas a year that could make us millionaires, we just don’t act on the idea.  Rhonda did.  She did not invent the wheel known as the law of attraction.  She even recommends other books to read written well before “The Secret” that extol the same ideas.  No, Rhonda picked up the ball and ran with it and she scored a touchdown – actually many touchdowns.

In this world of choice you can score touchdowns also.  You can choose to be a better whatever.  It is up to you and it is a lot easier when you admit your failures, say your apologies and then pick up the ball and start running.

A very wise girlfriend gave me some advice several years ago that is 100% true and should be stamped in everyone’s brain – always apologize when you need to – always, BUT only apologize one time and let it go.  Breathe in deeply, exhale and move on.  NEVER apologize a second time or over and over because every time you do what do you think happens?  Think about it, every time you apologize (again) you re-open a wound.  I know you may feel the need to keep apologizing – don’t.   Let it go-a sincere apology is all someone needs to hear.  Then forgive yourself for whatever it was that you needed redemption from and life will go on.  A sincere apology attracts what?  Sincere forgiveness.

I feel like a character from the “Wizard of Oz” because “I do believe, I do believe”.  I just draw the line at the fact that if I focus on a Brink’s truck opening in front of me with dollars flying everywhere that it is going to happen.  However I do believe if I don’t allow unhappy people to affect me I will be a happier person, makes sense doesn’t it?

The bottom line is that thinking about things happening to you are simply thoughts.  If you want results taking action is a sure winner.  Remember 4 times a year you will have an idea that is worth a million dollars – how many more millions do you want to lose?

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