Rod Blagojevich You Have Mighty Big Ones

How would you like to be Roland Burris?  I wouldn’t.  There is no glory being appointed to a seat in the Senate when everyone else is saying they will not approve your name.  I would have to ask why Rod doesn’t like me if I were Burris. 

I guess men have thicker skins then women do because I would have to hide in my bedroom for weeks if this happened to me.  Hell I was asked to be part of a group of women card players recently and I accepted.  Then I was told I could not be a part because the slot had been filled by someone else before I was asked and I took to my bed for an entire morning.  Rejection is not my strong suit.

I felt all along he would not resign.  Resignation screams guilt.  You leave with your head hanging low when you resign in shame.  If Rod is impeached next week it will be his stones hanging low because he has over sized ones for sure.

This will be fodder for the reporters for months and maybe longer.  It will be in court and I wonder who is going to help pay his attorneys bill.  Does anyone think that a defense fund might be funded by those who do not want to be investigated?  Hush money?  What a novel idea.

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