Reach? NO Embrace! Grab an Armload of Stars

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who knew?  I raised my arm and I stretched it up as high as I could; reaching for those stars for many years.  Just as I was about to grab one it would dance out of my way through a force of nature no doubt and my arm would drift back down to my side in disappointment.

I realize now that this happened because those stars I was attempting to reach were not the “right” stars and once I accepted that I knew I could finally not only reach for the stars but embrace an armload of them.

Setting lofty goals can be a good thing.  I always go for more than what some people consider humanly possible knowing that if I do this I will get something.  It is the 80/20 process.  I will take 20%. It has worked for me and what gets left behind has never been a disappointment because I know I can’t have it all, or can I?

A little over a year ago I was in the midst of reinventing myself as a social media maven and loving it.  I had a customer tell me just the other day “You get to have so much fun.  You get to be on Facebook all day, you must love your job.”

I just smiled.  Of course it is fun. I am on Facebook a lot, not all day but a lot and I have a ball.  It is my work but it is not work.

I saw an opportunity over 6 years ago to think outside the box in the world of online marketing.  I was way ahead of the crowd when it came to becoming a business owner in social media.  I teach it and I now manage other people’s social media accounts.  I ghost write some blogs, and are you sitting down?  I make between $50 and $75/hour doing this depending on the needs of my customers.  Admittedly I am not working a 40 hour week but I am working from home at my newly designed kitchen counter/office helping people grow their businesses to new heights.

Night of the Shooting Stars

Night of the Shooting Stars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To tell you the absolute truth, doing this wasn’t even a goal or a desire on my bucket list.  Divine providence lifted my arm up into the heavens for the stars I have embraced.  I grabbed a multitude of shiny new stars and they twinkle in my eyes.

About 15 months ago just when I thought I had grabbed enough twinkling stars,  my wonderful husband entered a contest to win a cruise for me.   He wrote an essay that told the world about the time when my life took a sharp detour and I found myself on the breast cancer highway.  He wrote about how I circumnavigated it without my family or my closest friends stepping up to help.  I was alone in my vehicle and many times hydroplaning out of control in this storm.  He wrote about how I finally found my way to the road of life again and how he cries every time I am asked to tell my story.

We won that cruise.  Those 7 days that I spent with the people behind Breast Cancer Wellness magazine who sponsor these cruises jump-started my thoughts into a new direction.  I had left that sharp detour on the highway of breast cancer behind me or so I thought, and I was just fine doing what I love.  I had a week off from polishing stars.  However, when I came home, I knew that my life would never be the same again.  I started a new blog and I have a web page under construction.  I created a safe page on Facebook where men and women could come to feel inspired.  I made new friends that brought so much joy to me, and I made new friends whose lives ended soon after I met them.  Smiles and tears is something we live with when we walk in breast cancer with breast friends.

This time I did not have to reach for the stars, they just sparkled down on me.   Some of them needed repair and polishing, but now they uplift me whenever I open my page on Facebook and see a wonderful comment, or when I get an email from someone who just

The Night of the Shooting Stars

The Night of the Shooting Stars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

needed to know someone was there.

As this year progressed I woke one day to “meet” a new friend on Facebook who had written a song about her breast cancer.  She in turn introduced me to the country artist who recorded it and I spent 3 hours in a lovely coffee house in Atlanta with the 2012 young country artist of the year, Erica Nicole, learning all about her.   My interview went to print and was published by Breast Cancer Wellness magazine.  Erica shared so much with me that day (and it doesn’t hurt that she was the opening act for Miranda Lambert and knows Blake does it?)  My article is on page 30 of the magazine which you can get online. (when you are published you always know what page you are on!)

In February I got a telephone call from Anita Unique Bodywear, a German based company with a growing US presence.  They asked me  and a fellow cruise friend if we would like to be in a NYC ad company professionally produced video about their post-surgery fashions for an upcoming trade show.  I said “Yes” before my eyes could even blink!  I had the time of my life in this amazing video about being a Thriver, about the lasting eternal friendships we make, and about how my breast cancer was a gift not only to me but to the lives of those I touch.

After that I was asked to participate in the trade show for Anita Unique Bodywear at the luncheon they sponsor in the Essential Women conference in Orlando.  I not only had fun, I felt amazingly special.

I still tear up when I hear Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger because that was my runway song.

I cruised again in April with the 6th Annual Breast Cancer Thriver Cruise and met even more women involved in helping others and more wonderful thrivers themselves and just yesterday my stars tumbled out of their storage box when I received an email that took me to a new level in thriving.  I am being groomed to become an ambassador with Breast Cancer Wellness magazine and I will be a representative for them as they take wellness to a new level.  This will open even more doors to me in my world of breast cancer only this time there will be no hydroplaning through storms on the breast cancer highway.  This is the road I was meant to take.  My stars are not only aligned but they have my back.  I know there are more stars still waiting for me as I keep driving along because I know kI was meant to leave this legacy and touch the very souls of people I have yet to meet.

Lesson to everyone is never let discourage you or put your ideas down.  When anyone in your life cannot give you and your ideas/decisions/opinions the honor they deserve – let them go.  Put them in a bubble and let them float away.  I know as I look back on my bubbles that these people don’t know how to take the first step in reaching NO wait in embracing an armload of stars.

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