Pink is NOT my Color

Pink is not my color.  I remember the first pink ribbon pin I was given from a friend when I was diagnosed.  I put it in my jewelry box and left it there because I don’t wear pink.  Now I treasure that pin.

Several years ago when I was asked to participate in a discussion with women who have metastatic Stage 4 breast cancer I was momentarily frozen and couldn’t find words to explain the fear that struck in my heart.  I was certain I would not know what to say or add to the discussion.  I just sat and listened to them.

These are the women I am writing about today.  Many of them do not think pink.  Awareness is something they know 24/7/365 and most of them are in treatment every day.

I have over 20 friends who have lived for years now with the discovery of amazing chemotherapies.  I have a dear friend in California who is treatment and disease free for the first time in 7 years.  I have a friend in Kansas City who goes for IV infusions every month and is 14 years past her metastatic disease diagnosis.  Both of these women are NED – no evidence of disease in their bodies, and treatments keep them that way for now.  I have lost 5 friends.

This year I want to salute these women, the ones who shout the loudest that they are aware, and we all need a cure.  These are my heroines in the pink life.  They are mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and friends.

I will leave you with this thought.  Mammograms save lives and the timing of a getting a mammogram saved my life.  Get yours annually and regularly.  If you have a feeling that something is not quite right – get it checked.  You know your own body, listen to it.

There is an organization that has put the medical research world on notice – January 1, 2020 – that is the deadline for a cure. They did the research on what it would take, how long it should take, using the amount of brilliant minds in the world.  The clock is ticking.

The world has been put on notice 1/1/2020 - a cure.

The world has been put on notice 1/1/2020 – a cure.

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