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This is the email I sent to all my friends on Facebook today to boost my votes.  I had tremendous response.  I just want the world to know what I am all about, well partially about.

The contest is winding down, and I truly need more votes in order to win.  By now you should all know the story behind this contest.  Larry wrote an essay about my thriving after breast cancer.  What many of you do not know is I was an Oncology RN.  I spent years holding the trembling bodies of many cancer patients.  I held their family members close to me when there was nothing more that could be done, or after someone took their last breath.  Everyone who knows me, knows I am a hugger.

Ironically when breast cancer was staring me in the eye there was no one to hold me.  I lived alone.  I lived miles away from my family.  I cried alone and I trembled alone.

Whenever Larry hears me tell this story at the many speaker programs I have been invited to on early detection, he cries.  He openly weeps in the audience because he feels so bad that he was not there for me.  He wrote the essay that has brought us to this place.  We are one of five finalists in the contest, and I want to win the cruise for him. The cruise embarks on his 65th birthday and he is the most deserving man.

I was living in Richmond, VA at that time.  Larry lived in my favorite city of Chicago.  Our paths had not crossed yet.

I made a promise to God at that time that if I were allowed to live and thrive that I would give back to anyone who needed me, anyone whose life was touched by breast cancer.  I have kept that promise for the past 18 years.  I have personally raised thousands of dollars in fundraising events.  I have been a phone counselor for 3 years with a a national breast cancer organization talking to men and women about their disease.  I still hold trembling bodies.  I walk in every event I can walk in and I have danced across the finish line of the 3-Day walk here in Tampa Bay.

Now I need your help.  I need you to spend 60 seconds of your life so that I can not only win this cruise but continue to spend my time meeting even more thrivers of this scary disease.

Votes need to come in by Monday night please.

It only takes 60 seconds.  But you HAVE to like not only the page BUT also our story and this is how to do that.

I will walk you through this.

First search for Amoena USA in the Facebook search box – it’s tricky to spell.

Like their page.

Now look to the left under the big blue “a” and scroll down to “notes”.

Open notes and the stories pop up.

My story is the second one, you must hit the word like between “view full note” and “Comment”  under my story not above it to vote.  This is the vote.  Do not look for another like button it is the word like.

60 seconds – please be there for me so I can continue to fight for the pink ribbon wearing people in this world.

Thank you.


This is only a partial description of what I have done in the name of breast cancer.  I won’t stop.

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