Paint me Pink and Call me a Walker

Breast Cancer Ribbon

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I knew it.  I knew if I went down to the closing ceremony of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk here in Tampa last Sunday that I would want

to walk again – yeah the walk bug can bite you good.

One thing lead to another in conversation, and the team leader, Kathleen Di Russo, was just someone I wanted to know better.  I sent her a friend request on Facebook and found we had 7 mutual friends.  It is a small world.

Her team has raised over $780,000 for breast cancer over the years, and they had a cohesiveness I was drawn to, so when our evening came to an end I was left thinking hard about this.

Last night she popped up on my Facebook page, and I said to Larry “I want to do the 3-Day in Boston next year.”  He told me to go for it so I picked up my iphone and announced I am joining The Cup Crusaders for the 3 Day next year in Boston.  It is out there, once you say it out loud or in print it is out there.

Raising the $2300 is a piece of cake.  I can ask 100 of my closest friends to write checks or donate $23, or I can ask 23 of my closest friends to write checks or donate $100 – it all turns out the same.  My goal is to raise more so I can help other team members reach their goal.

Why do I want to do it again?  My number one reason is because of all the wonderful new friends I will make, walkers are very special people.  All walkers, no matter the cause, are special.  It makes me feel good to do this – and I love that feeling.

There is only one thing I will NOT do.  I don’t camp.  I make reservations.

Wish me luck.

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