Need to Fuel Indignation-Make a Facebook Comment about the Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Fire - April 22, 2010
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I certainly sparked a comment thread by re-posting the idea that came from a Russian physicist who believes BP should detonate a nuclear explosion to cap the well.  No I am not on board with that idea considering of course would the ramifications of that be worse than murdering the Gulf of Mexico and destroying all life human and wild along with it?

Today it was announced that if this spill continues into the autumn months BP will have no choice other than to declare bankruptcy which means that the Alaskan pipeline is taken over by the Federal Government.  I can hear the crowds roaring in my head over the fact that the US would certainly have better control over a vast amount of oil.  However should we be worried over the type of control that might entail?  I think so.

A friend sent me his thoughts:

This morning one of the stories was, in the event of the oil gusher continuing into the fall,BP will be forced to file for bankruptcy and all of their assets, which include the Alaskan pipeline, will be seized by the Federal Government. This of course would insure a significant measure of Energy control.

The overall goal is to get control of Energy, Health, Finance and Communications into federal hands.
How do you spell Tyranny?

While tyranny is a tough word to chew on let alone try to digest, I see his point.

Several weeks ago MSNBC posed a question asking if the president should have an internet kill switch in the Oval Office.  I went “Orwellian” over that idea in discussions with friends. 

What is happening in this country?  When did “we the people” become “we the corporations” or “we the government”?

What is Mr. Obama doing to pressure BP to do something today? 

Do you realize all of Florida is limestone?  That means the contaminants from the oil and the Corexit 9500 dispersant will soak into the limestone and effectively could go entirely across the state.  Does anyone ask what we are not being told or are we going to believe what the media is allowed to tell us?

I have an acquaintance on Facebook whose husband works on the corporate side of the spill.  They refer to it as an incident.  Oh incidentally, the Valdez spill has still not been totally cleaned up and has about 50 years to go until there is no more oil in the water.  71 years – a lifetime.

Yes, I probably got some hearts beating this morning.  I am sure when I posted the video that has been banned by youtube on the reality of what happened on the rig I might have even lost some followers.  I don’t care.  This is a huge cover-up!  At the safety meeting on board the rig the details were revealed that a technician had damaged the blow off pipe.  This pipe stops an incidental explosion.  The BP execs told the committee keep drilling.  It’s on the video.

Google it, there are copies all over the Internet and then make a decision. 

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