My Personal Thoughts About Breast Cancer 12/4/08

Reaching the 15 year mark is a milestone, no doubt about that.  I was thinking does that mean next year I can have a Sweet 16 celebration?  I think it does.  In honor of that Sweet 16 I have decided to join our local CBS affiliate here and walk in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk again.  I miss it.  I loved doing it.  It is an amazing experience and it makes you feel so good.

I reached that decision last night when my phone rang and it was the handsome, debonair evening news anchor, Reginald Roundtree calling me.  Yes he did, he called me to accept my invitation to work with me on a huge fundraising event that I have been asked to emcee locally for hospice.

I met Reginald 2 years ago at the 3 Day walk, and I walked with him one day and we got to know each other a little better.  I have run into him since then and he is always his usual gracious self.  I knew when I was asked to emcee this event that I wanted Reginald to join me because his presence will help take our event over the top.  Plus he looks so good in a tuxedo – very easy on the eyes.

After he called to talk (and he was still on the air when he called-I was impressed), I looked at Larry and said “I am going to walk again next year.”  It did not surprise Larry.  He knows I loved walking those 60 miles.  He knows I wasn’t crazy about training in the heat and humidity of Florida.  He knows I did not like getting blisters and having a little foot surgery for a small problem.  He knows I do not like to sweat.  He knows I have dedicated a lot of my time to be there for other women with breast cancer.  He knows it means the world to me.  He knows I hate to camp (so I don’t).  But I walk and I raise the money, and I will be posting my donation web address here on every post I do for the next 11 months here on breast cancer.

I will be sharing with everyone my first three day adventure as I go through this next year.  I have it all documented and it will be fun to share with everyone plus hopefully stimulate some donations.  I am about telling it like it is, I have to raise $2300 and I need all the help I can get.

Yes I think a Sweet 16 celebration is in order, after all my birthday falls right after the walk and a better hat.dscn1936

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