My Personal Thoughts about Breast Cancer 10/06/08

It is October and everywhere we look we all see pink. Without a doubt breast cancer probably gets more press than any other charity event. The Avon walk in NYC raised over 11 million dollars this weekend-that is mind blowing.

In future posts I will talk more about where we are now in 08 with the fight for a cure, and we are closer every day. I will share with you some of my personal joys in being a volunteer on a breast cancer phone hotline once a week.

But for now it is all about the women, men and families and friends whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer because yes we want a cure, and yes we will always need volunteers to man phone lines, but all of these things are driven by all of those who hear the words that change your life forever – “You have a malignancy in your breast”, like I did 15 years ago next month. Take a moment to remember anyone you know whose life has been irrevocably changed by those words.


She is a mother who can think only of the welfare of her small children.

She is a wife who wonders if her husband will still love her.

She is a daughter horrified of the thought of breaking the news to her aging parents.

She is a sister, a soul mate, the best girl you know.

She is a friend; a real bosom buddy.

She is a neighbor who now needs a friend.

She is an executive who has lost her control.

She is an employee who wonders how she will keep her job, pay her bills, and take care of her child, while trying to recover.

She is a patient who fears losing her life.

She is a doctor who must now save her own life.

She is a woman who never felt beautiful.

She is famous and now wishes she wasn’t.

She is a stranger, whom you can’t see, but she can see you.

She is a person whom you have yet to meet.

She is you, she is me, she is ….unforgettable.

                                                     Christina Carlino

All those who know me know I sign off on my breast cancer emails with a reminder to get your mammogram. Just Do It!  A mammogram saved my life and the lives of countless other women.

Hope is the companion of power and the mother of success, for those of us who hope strongest have within us the gift of miracles—–Sydney Bremer


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