My Love/Hate Relationship with Breast Cancer


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I know this may really shock my readers but I love my breast cancer experience and on the flip side I hate breast cancer.

If I had not been diagnosed, I would never ever met all the wonderful people I know now.  I would never have been brought back into the world of patient care I had left as a nurse,  and to return as a caretaker in a different way.

If I had not had breast cancer I would not have met and married the love of my life.  In fact I would not have done many of the wonderful things I have enjoyed doing.  I would not be here blogging about my love/hate relationship.

I do love my breast cancer experience.  I am in a better place than I ever believed I could be.  It has made me who I am today.  I am not defined by it, oh no, not one bit.  I am woman hear me roar about something you can’t ignore.  You see even when your body throws you a curve ball you can hit the next pitch out of the park.  You can hit a home run.  You can survive and you can thrive.  I have become an advocate for what you can become and how good it does feel.

I get that it is a very scary experience.  I would never make light about the devastation we all feel when we hear we have breast cancer.  However we are better than those ugly cells that try to take control of our lives.  We are powerful human beings.  We are women who menstruate – talk about scary.  We may or may not marry, but as soon as we are on our own we become caretakers.  It begins with ourselves and trickles down to others in our lives.  Some of us gave birth and from that point on we took on the responsibility of raising good kind and caring children.  We take care of parents, grandparents and more.

It is our nature, but somewhere in all of this many of us forget to care for ourselves or we don’t know how to after we get the shocking news.  We don’t know how to allow others to step in and this is when we should.

I do hate breast cancer, I hate all cancers but I am here writing this to tell everyone that there are so many good things waiting for all of us but we need to allow ourselves to believe that we can.

We need to nurture ourselves as if we are a tender seedling.  We need the warmth of the sunshine in our lives to grow.  We need to water ourselves with healing tears.  We need to fertilize our emotions with strong positive thoughts to trust again.

When our blossoms begin to appear our doubts are driven away.  Once we are in full bloom we are thriving again as the women we were born to be. Breast cancer has never been the worst thing that ever happened to me – it was a lesson, and an opportunity.

I am always here to help you thrive.

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