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I have just attached 3 of my blogs to Facebook.  The 4th one is coming soon.  I did this because 3 blogs correspond to my business pages on Facebook.  These days I am all about using Facebook for business purposes as in about 99%.

However because I have been published and my personal blog has been quoted so I also attached this one that you are reading to my personal page.

I feel that I need to post a disclaimer here and now that if you think you see yourself in my personal blog I would like you to think again.   Yes think again and maybe again.  And what I would like you to think about is that if you see yourself that is by your own assumption and may be something you need to work on.

This blog has multiple categories of survival and I do not have the time to stop and think as I write that someone may take this personally.  Every writer who writes anything knows that someone will always take something personally.  They don’t worry about it and I refuse to worry about it either.

My passion is writing.  You don’t have to read it, and you don’t have like it – it always goes back to choice which I have written extensively about these past several weeks.  If you choose to believe you are my article of the day well you have chosen to believe you are my article of the day.  Trust me you are not.

If I have an issue with someone I know personally I will bring it to them directly not in a blog.  Are we on the same page now?  I hope so because I am going to have a lot of pages coming soon.  I also invite you to look at some of my older writings and categories.

Remember opinions are like…….everyone has one.


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  • Jeannine says:

    I enjoyed reading this, very well stated! I have learned from first hand experience, sadly, that there are people in this world who think everything is about them. My response to them is, “Don’t flatter yourself.”

    • admin says:

      HA isn’t it so true? My take on it is if something I write strikes a nerve you better examine yourself for nerve damage. Not my problem and I will not be held hostage by people who think I should not say things, or should not write things. Excuse me – but if I really was writing about you maybe you did deserve it BUT I would at least describe you a little (physically) I might give you a phony name lmao thanks for the comments and sharing.

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