May 25th A Day of Celebration

As the World Turns

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This has been an amazing day.

A month ago when I scheduled a Facebook class for this day I did not realize the irony in it.  You see once upon a time I grabbed social media and I ran with it, while someone I loved did not.  Today as a birthday is celebrated, I celebrated my success with great girlfriends who honor me by telling the world what a great teacher I am of many things Facebook.

Once upon a time……well we all know that leads into a fairy tale and life is more like a soap opera so that won’t work.

If I knew the theme song to “As the World Turns” I would hum it right now.  If I were to name my own soap opera story I do not know what I would call it.  I am certain the word “honor” would be in the title.

I just finished a wonderful cruise filled with women who had thrived after having had breast cancer.  One of our keynote speakers was Beth Dupree, MD.  Google her name -she is the definition of honor.  If you called Beth to tell her your children’s father had died, she would leave her own family to be with you in your weekend of need.  If she came to stay at your house with her children and one of her kids did something that upset the household, she would do everything she could to make things better.  If you were diagnosed with breast cancer, she would fly to your side, or bring you to York, PA and operate on your herself.  If you were celebrating incredible success in your life she would be the first one to pop a cork of Dom Perignon.

That’s what an honorable friend does – they honor you.  Those who do not honor us need to be placed in a bubble and set free to drift off from our lives and we forgive them – not for them, but for us.

If today is your birthday I hope it was a wonderful day!




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