Male Mammogram Day Has Arrived

Funny how things affect you when things are crazy in your life.  Larry just marches on.  Me I think I have a bleeding ulcer. That is what my stomach has felt like now for the second day.

I asked Larry what his thoughts are and he said “Positive like they were with my heart procedure years ago.”  He was positive then, no doubt about it.  He laid there in the ER accepting the news he was not going home and just went with it.  Me, I would have been hanging from the IV pole.

The next day when they took him down to do the cardiac catheterization again he was fine.  Me, I was calling in every favor I could from God.

In the middle of this procedure his Cardiologist called me to the procedure room.  This is not normal, I thought he had arrested.  No, Dr, Gandhi wanted to talk to me about Larry’s blockage and the fact the FDA had just approved the newest stents which were drug eluting and if he stopped the procedure now Larry could come back on Monday and do this all again.

Larry was semi-conscious and we agreed to stop the procedure and go with the new stent on Monday.

I may be an RN, and I may have held beating hearts in my hands or had my hands deep inside someones belly trying to stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound; however this was my husband lying on the procedure table with bloody drapes at his groin and I was scared.

Brave Larry went back on Monday, they completed the angioplasty of his LAD (which in non-medical terms is called the widow maker because that is where most heart attacks happen) and he has been fine since.

I probably get more nervous because I do know too much and also because my lump did not turn out to be nothing.

Two hours from now he will be in the mammogram suite, and I will be in the waiting room, scared.  He will also probably be the only male patient today in the breast center.  I have given him his instructions and thye inhclude not leaving not knowing.  He just wants to have them take it out and figure it out.  I am with him on that.

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