Lebron’s Real (Estate) Reason for Picking Miami?

Lebron’s Real (Estate) Reason for Picking Miami?.

 There has been some really nasty sh*t being said outloud and written verbally since “The Decision”. Some things made me grimace, some made me laugh, and some were in pretty poor taste. Que sera right? I did have one spirited conversation with a friend via Facebook. He lives in Las Vegas and jumped in with “he took a $30 million dollar loss in pay” comment by choosing the Heat. Excuse me? He did not lose a darn thing. He never got it because he left and you don’t have it until it is in the bank. I was in Orange County, CA a while back and the husband of one of my friends said “I lost $300K on my house. I bought it for $300K it was worth $600K and then the boom crashed.” Excuse me? You did not lose $300K you never had it. If you wanted to make $300K why didn’t you sell and pocket the profits? Now if you bought at $600K and your house is now worth $300K and you paid cash, you lost $300K. Otherwise maybe you better talk to your lender or an attorney. I stay out of modification & srategic default talk in general-that’s going to be messy soon enough. Yes, this blog is for Jeff S who isn’t really in tune with all the money LeBron James really will get in this deal. He didn’t lose $30 million, he is going to make a lot more than that. Read the link.

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