Laying Low and Flying Under the Radar

I am so sorry I have been quiet for so long BUT I am back.  I had to really do some deep thinking about topics I have talked about, topics I have not talked about and what to do about that.

I will play a little catch up here.  Larry’s breast lump seems to be getting smaller.  He had a second mammogram and ultrasound and will return again in about 5 weeks to see if it is smaller still.  We are breathing easier.

We attended the grand opening of the Women’s Gynecological Center at Moffitt Cancer Ctr and it was a wonderful evening.  I was very impressed with all the clinical trials going on here in our town. 

Me, it is time for my annual mammogram and office visit tomorrow – of course I get a little nervous – you just never know what will show up.  Thankfully I get the results the same day.

I have been sitting back letting strange news, political moves, celebrity gossip and more wash over my brain for a while now and I realized I need to capture those random thoughts and do a Thumb’s up, Thumb’s Down post to lump these thoughts and put them into cyber space.

However I am shocked at two things in the health care field.  The first one is the woman in NY who was abandoned by her neurosurgeon in the operating room.  I smell a bad fishy odor here and a lawsuit.  I read the article in the NY Daily News this morning. 

The other thing is all this salt in our restaurant food.  Do they add all this salt to make the food taste better thereby generating more business?  I am shocked.  Shocked because of the impact this has on the elderly – many of whom go to dinner at these restaurants 2-3 times a week.

I am 100% behind the movement in Washington DC to make it a law that nutritional information needs to be disclosed.  No moaning and groaning please.  I have software that does that for me with any recipe I use.  I bought it when Larry first had his heart glitch and it breaks it all down just like a food label.

Other than these two opinions I will move on and address other feelings in my usual posts – starting soon.

I want to leave this post on a high note with a story here in Seminole, Florida about a 3 year old girl who climbed in an above ground pool and was rescued by a little boy, Tyler, and given CPR by her mom.  Tyler, when interviewed, said he was “scared to death” and her lips were purple.  That sweet brave little boy-there is a lifetime bond for sure.

Meantime I am back and I promise to get some hearts and blood pressures going again as well as some brains!

PS Our Governor Crist just announced he will run for the vacant Senate seat here in Florida in 2010-he wants the White House!


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