Kicking the ABC Habit – OOPS!

The minute I heard that former Secretary of State Rice was going to be interviewed on The View I knew I was going to fall off the wagon and watch her.  I decided to do it by getting on my treadmill and turning the volume off until she made her appearance.  The treadmill actually is noisy enough to drown out those harpies on the show anyway.

When she did come out, I stopped and listened.  Yes, I did fall off the wagon by choice because I wanted to hear what she had to say.  I also was waiting to hear who would make the first totally ignorant statement or ask a really stupid question.  I did not have to wait long.  Barbara Wawa came right out and asked her “Who did you vote for?”  First of all that is none of our business and secondly how would Barbara respond to the same question?

Then Whoopi came right out with the most disrespectful comment asking Rice if she calls President Bush ‘George’ and carrying on about it.  Rice very clearly and very seriously said “You don’t call the president George”.  I loved it – Rice has no problem putting an ignorant person in their place.  Good job Whoopi I have been waiting for you to really show your big ass and you did!

The minute the interview was over I turned the television off.  While I was happy to learn things about Rice, the harpies succeeded again in showing the country why they do not have an Emmy.  They are simply not Emmy material.

This category is pretty much written out so to speak.  Every now and then if something comes up I will feel compelled to write about it, but I am going to put these postings into my archives and move on.

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