Keeping the Christmas Spirit

Crowds and crowds of shoppers
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One thing I have found that taking a deep breath before opening your mouth over anything as in ANYTHING is always the better way to go.  In taking a deep breath your thoughts become more clear, your eyes lose that glazed over angry look, and you are much less apt to let go of a barrage of bad words.

The people who work in the big box stores, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores and every other service industry related business are people.  They are not responsible for a store no longer having just what you came there for, they are not responsible for any of us waiting till the last minute to shop, and they do not deserve to ever be yelled at, cursed at, or treated in any way that you, yourself, deserve.

Everything is busier right now.  No matter where you turn there are crowds of people walking, driving, standing in long lines-whatever and yes patience is tried but so is the patience of those helping us to make our holidays happier.

Yesterday we were out in the frenzy of shoppers to run many errands.  The first errand we did was to stop at LifeSource Blood Services where Larry gave his pint of life to someone, somewhere in this area who may need his gift to make it through Christmas.

After donating we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  We had a lovely young waitress who told us she has not worked in 2 years, and now that she has a 10 month old baby she had to go to work, and working at a restaurant was all she could find.  She is an excellent waitress.  She was professional, caring, kind and polite.  She teased us about going shopping and mentioned she had to stop to finish her shopping at JC Penney later that day.

We had a very nice lunch, a buy one get one free lunch.  I would like to place a reminder here, when you use a deal like this you tip on what the bill would have been not what it is.  The owner of the restaurant isn’t going to pay their staff for the difference – come on readers – don’t “cheat” your wait person.

Back to story at hand- we left and shopped and got everything done and as we crossed our errands off the shopping list there was one item left.  I had a coupon for JC Penney.  A $10 off any item coupon.  I could have tossed it at home, but instead I drove back to Ruby Tuesday and asked for Alissa.  She was just ending her shift and as I handed her the $10 off coupon I felt there was an angel straightening out my halo at that moment.  No, I am not an angel, I just felt like one then.

It just feels so good inside when you spread the joy, when you make someone else feel good, when you smile or when you thank someone from your heart.  It wasn’t hard to turn my car around and help someone who deserves it.  In my life many people have helped me in the past.

We can all keep the Christmas spirit if we just remember everyone deserves to be treated the way we expect to be treated.  It is that simple.

Merry Christmas.

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