Jason Mesnick Where is Your Pride?

I admit it, I always watch the final chapter of each of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows for comic relief.  The final episodes and the resulting engagement are a joke.  ABC has a loser of a show and a bigger loser in Jason.  I cannot believe this man would go on national talk shows and talk the crap he talks.   You never get a real answer out of him. 

He admits on the Kimmel Show that Melissa already knew it was over-you think?  Molly looked like she suddenly had a big wedgies happening and how many people really think she did not already know considering Chris pumped her about her feelings and would she take him back if he broke it off with Melissa.

Maybe America needs to feed off all this junk as an escape, but to go on national TV and make a total ass out of yourself to me is not well thought out.  He will always be known as the wishy washy jerk who what?  Got even because of when he was rejected? 

I hope Molly thinks long and hard about this.  He has one failed marriage and now cannot make up his mind and then goes on Kimmel and says he wished he could date all three of the last girls for a while longer because they were so cute.  Cute?  That is what he said.

Melissa’s parents had it all figured out, they were smart when they refused to meet him.  They have class.  Calling him a bastard, well yeah he is one, that was the one part I truly enjoyed.

In real life or as Jason says “in the real world” he probably would have been better off choosing a single mom.  For some reason he does not want a level playing field and maybe that was a mistake for him.  He likes the double life style, fatherhood only when he wants it and a dating fool the rest of the time.

I do not know if he is short of stature but he is certainly short of class.  Good job Jason you are the epitome of what women don’t want.

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