It’s Back – The 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk Tampa Bay!

Here is to you Patti Hughes I borrowed this from your Facebook page.  You posted it when you lost your best friend to breast cancer.  I know this is a difficult walk for you due to your recent loss, and I saw your post about your blister poor baby.

I want to tell my readers about you, Patti.  You see we live about an hour apart but we have never met.  We are Facebook friends though and you are a good friend I can tell.  How?  Well when I was trying to win the cruise, I turned to Patti for help.  She is well-connected in the breast cancer world.  I emailed her and she told me she was in Daytona with no computer access.  *Groan*.  That did not stop Patti from helping me.  She gave me her Facebook account log-in and password and allowed me to post as her on her page so I could get votes.  This is the kind of friend Patti is, and boy am I glad I know her.

Patti’s daughter is pregnant with a little boy and his name is going to be Avery.  He is being named after Patti’s best friend.  How many of us have best friends like Patti?  I never did.

Today Patti has a bad blister.  It rained and walking in wet shoes is never a good idea.  Patti will persevere because that is the kind of friend she is to everyone.  She would get on an airplane to get to you and she did in life for the other Patty and in death for the other Patty’s funeral this summer.

Sucks having breast cancer, sucks even more when anyone loses a friend or loved one.

I will look for Patti Sunday evening at the closing ceremonies.  I have to meet Patti, if I miss her on Sunday I will make a lunch date.

Keep walking Patti – you are a great friend.



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